Digital Marketing Process

You have seen many articles about Digital Marketing Process/Steps/flow chart. And you have come across many different Digital Marketing processes. Digital Marketing Steps to be followed in order to have a great online presence.

Understanding the Marketing Process

You may have come across about the?marketing process during your Graduation.

And you may have Studied marketing as a core subject. If you didn?t, let me start with the basic concept of Marketing.

Marketing Process Flow Chart

Marketing Process:

1. Developing Mission Statement:

That is the Organizational Mission Statement to be matched up with Marketing

2. Situational Analysis

Identify the Problems and work on getting solutions.

In order to achieve business goals, let me just brief you about the above chart.

Identify the problem and Research

The marketer can identify the problem and research by asking people?s opinion about what they actually need.

Here surveys come into the picture where you take suggestions from the people and delivered the solutions(product/Services).

3. Marketing Strategy and Marketing Mix

Developing the Alternatives plan

After going through the surveys and analyzing the needs of the customers and then one can develop the alternatives plans. Once you Developed the alternatives plans,

The next step is to carefully analyze every alternative and select the best possible alternative plan among them.

Marketing Mix which includes product Development, Pricing, Promotion, Place and DistributionAnalyze and selects the Best alternative Plan.

4.Implementation and Control

  1. Implement the plan: Once you select the best plan you can start implementing the plan.
  2. Review/Measure: Once you have implemented the plan and now you can start measuring the success/failure.

To know more it on Advanced level you can always refer Marketing Management book by Philip Kotler.

Likewise, in Digital Marketing Strategy you can add similar methodology, gain some momentum and turn your visitors to the customer.